The Playful Genius of Alan Ayckbourn

by John McTavish

04/02/14 13:19
Every Alan Ayckbourn aficionado has a story to tell about how they discovered the British playwright. I am no exception.

A Mission to Listen: Samuel French Customer Service Pulls Into the NEPTA Station

by Fred Schnitzer

03/21/14 18:50
Last October, I had a very pleasant exchange with producer and writer, Tony Schwartz of TonyLou Productions and The Lakeside Players, a community theatre out of Hawley, PA.

ESPA Writing Triathlon: Q&A with Playwright Cusi Cram

by Cusi Cram

01/17/14 10:53
So how does The Writing Triathlon intensive work? We meet on Friday night and basically "carbo-load" on writing exercises.


by Ashley Byrne

12/19/13 09:45
The Angels have been heard on high in Texas! The Tiffany Angels, that is.

THE MOTHERLOAD: Don't Let The Holiday Turkeys Get You Down

by Lisa Rafferty

12/03/13 10:51
The holiday season is a time when the whole mom thing kicks up to a whole new level. The list just goes on and on. Not Santa’s list. Not naughty or nice. To Do on steroids.

Women In The Third Reich: The Fascinating Backstory of Shirley Lauro's ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT

by Shirley Lauro

11/26/13 12:00
The New York Times announced on October 17, 2013, that “Hitler’s Furies: Nazism’s Feminine Side” a historical book by Wendy Lower, had been nominated for a National Book Award. On October 9, 2013, there had been a review of the book on the front page of the Times’ Arts Section by Dwight Garner entitled: “Hitler’s Furies”. Clearly the position of women in the Third Reich is news!

Our Town in Italy - Working with Thornton Wilder

by Alison Sundstrom

11/01/13 08:00
The story of Jim Bob Stephenson, an actor, who had the good fortune to be stationed at the same camp as Lieutenant Colonel Thornton Wilder during WWII.

THE MOTHERLOAD: Princesses, Pirates, and Prostitutes

by By Stefanie Cloutier is co-writer (with Lisa Rafferty and Sheila Eppolito) of The MOMologues, MOMologues 2: Off to School and MOMologues 3: The Final Push

10/21/13 19:07
Halloween is just around the corner - find out what the moms behind MOMOLOGUES have to say about the spookiest holiday of the year!

To Realize the Universal: Wilder in China Today

by Samuel French

10/09/13 12:32
If you enjoy Thornton Wilder come take a look at Hansong Dan's discussion of his role in Chinese theatre! His lesser known works are looked at, as well as the beloved classic OUR TOWN.


by Tom Chiodo

09/24/13 08:30
Whodunit? Read this article by Tom Chiodo, one of the authors of CLUE: THE MUSICAL to find out!