Meeting William Gibson

by Darren J. Butler, Artistic Director for "The Miracle Worker" at Ivy Green

06/09/14 19:34
The Helen Keller Birthplace is currently presenting The Miracle Worker for the 53rd annual season through July 12th. Each summer the play is presented for six weekends on Friday and Saturday nights in an outdoor amphitheater just a stone throw from the original pump where the famous miracle occurred.

THE MOTHERLOAD Mother’s Day: Who knew?

by Sheila Eppolito and Lisa Rafferty

05/09/14 17:18
No matter how you plan, or how much you read, much of motherhood comes as a surprise. Just when you think you’ve got the mothering thing down, you are gobsmacked.

The Playful Genius of Alan Ayckbourn

by John McTavish

04/02/14 13:19
Every Alan Ayckbourn aficionado has a story to tell about how they discovered the British playwright. I am no exception.

A Mission to Listen: Samuel French Customer Service Pulls Into the NEPTA Station

by Fred Schnitzer

03/21/14 18:50
Last October, I had a very pleasant exchange with producer and writer, Tony Schwartz of TonyLou Productions and The Lakeside Players, a community theatre out of Hawley, PA.

ESPA Writing Triathlon: Q&A with Playwright Cusi Cram

by Cusi Cram

01/17/14 10:53
So how does The Writing Triathlon intensive work? We meet on Friday night and basically "carbo-load" on writing exercises.


by Ashley Byrne

12/19/13 09:45
The Angels have been heard on high in Texas! The Tiffany Angels, that is.

THE MOTHERLOAD: Don't Let The Holiday Turkeys Get You Down

by Lisa Rafferty

12/03/13 10:51
The holiday season is a time when the whole mom thing kicks up to a whole new level. The list just goes on and on. Not Santa’s list. Not naughty or nice. To Do on steroids.

Women In The Third Reich: The Fascinating Backstory of Shirley Lauro's ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT

by Shirley Lauro

11/26/13 12:00
The New York Times announced on October 17, 2013, that “Hitler’s Furies: Nazism’s Feminine Side” a historical book by Wendy Lower, had been nominated for a National Book Award. On October 9, 2013, there had been a review of the book on the front page of the Times’ Arts Section by Dwight Garner entitled: “Hitler’s Furies”. Clearly the position of women in the Third Reich is news!

Our Town in Italy - Working with Thornton Wilder

by Alison Sundstrom

11/01/13 08:00
The story of Jim Bob Stephenson, an actor, who had the good fortune to be stationed at the same camp as Lieutenant Colonel Thornton Wilder during WWII.

THE MOTHERLOAD: Princesses, Pirates, and Prostitutes

by By Stefanie Cloutier is co-writer (with Lisa Rafferty and Sheila Eppolito) of The MOMologues, MOMologues 2: Off to School and MOMologues 3: The Final Push

10/21/13 19:07
Halloween is just around the corner - find out what the moms behind MOMOLOGUES have to say about the spookiest holiday of the year!